100 Club of Sumner County Board Members and Advisors

From Left to Right: Brian Silkwood, Johnny Garrett, Frank Freels Jr., Officer Greg Freudenthal (Community Services Director, Hendersonville Police Department), and Jamie McMurry Photo By: Gavin Richardson

About the 100 CLUB of Sumner County

The board for The 100 Club of Sumner County is currently made up by.

Brian Silkwood – President
Frank Freels Jr. – Vice President
Johnny Garrett – Secretary
Jamie McMurry – Treasurer
Gavin Richardson – Communications
Advisory Board
Scott Jordan
Sheriff Sunny Weatherford
Dr. David Black


Why I support the 100 Club of Sumner County

In the mid-90’s I joined Fire station 202 in Cinnaminson, NJ as a volunteer firefighter. Shortly after I joined Palmyra Ambulance Station 809 (which served my township as well) as an EMT. Cinnaminson was where I grew up and many of the people associated with both emergency service departments were good people I knew for many years. One such person was Lt. Chris Hunter. He and I were in high school together. Chris had the fire department in his blood early and joined as soon as he could (at 16 you can be a junior firefighter). I moved away and left the fire service. Chris Hunter never left the fire service. For over 25 years he responded to 911 calls of all types. I know this because for a few years I responded with him. He was commissioned as  Lieutenant in the department in 2009. Sadly in November of 2014 Chris, my friend, passed away shortly after finishing up a fire call. His death was deemed ‘active duty’ which afforded him honors in his funeral, but it did not help his family through continued mourning and the adjustment of losing a husband, father & family provider. I am hopeful in the efforts of The 100 Club of Sumner County are never needed. The fact is though that our emergency service providers step into dangerous situations for us every day and they likely will. I am comforted in the 100 Club of Sumner County being created to be a safety net for those families who are suddenly dealing with the loss of a husband/wife, father/mother, and likely a family provider.

Gavin Richardson